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dompen: the all-in-one vape

One of the earliest vape pens to hit the market in 2015, dompen quickly became the vape-of-choice for average daily dosers and famous folks alike (we’re talking Mike Tyson- and Future-level famous).

The Pass Gift Guide 2023

The results of our intensive studies have culminated in a 12 team-member guide for their favorite products sold here at The Pass. Without further ado, The Pass 2023 Gift Guide! 

Looking Back with Gratitude

The Berkshires is an inviting and supportive place to live and run a local business. We want to acknowledge our partners who work tirelessly to better our collective world.

Munch Local

Stocked with non-infused drinks and snacks from regional producers (and more), the Munchie Bar provides the perfect complement to whatever else you’re consuming. From chips and chocolates to kombucha and granola bars, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving and help us support other small businesses and makers in our community.

Pride Month at The Pass

LGBTQIA+ allyship is a year round commitment, but to spotlight its importance this June, The Pass is donating a portion of the proceeds from all Pride-themed cotton totes, t-shirts, and limited-edition Pride Peach Gummies to Berkshire Pride.

The Pass Muscle Gel Wins 2 Awards

The Pass is on a hot streak this year winning our second notable award for our long-running THC-infused muscle gel. At the tail end of last year our muscle gel won third-place in the highly coveted High Times Cannabis Cup.

Presidents Who Smoked Cannabis

Sure, cannabis is still federally illegal, but in the forever-ironic words of ol’ “Tricky Dick” Nixon, “When the President does it, that means it is not illegal.” Let’s get into some Commanders-in-Kiefs who partook in a little bit of reefer madness. 

Staff Picks! Tim Galpin

So from his career, to his tastes in cannabis, to pretty much every other aspect of his life, you can trust that Tim’s actions and recommendations are going to come from a basis of learning and experimentation, which from my perspective seems like a pretty thrilling way to lead your life. 

Staff Picks! Maya Albright – November Picks

Maya isn’t our MIPs manager by chance - she’s an incredible baker and pastry chef who just so happens to love cannabis. Because Maya has found that intersection of passion and expertise, she’s always looking to innovate and improve both herself and her creations.

Staff Picks! Mary Cabral – September Picks

All in all, Mary is fully immersed in the cannabis world, ensuring the proper and compliant growth of our brand, partaking in the everlasting lightness of the community, and at the end of the day, looking for a high quality, tasty way to get stoned.

A Year 2 Retrospective

Needless to say, 2 years ago feels like a lifetime to us, and we are so grateful for what The Pass has become and the support we have gotten from the community. 

Staff Picks! Chris Lynch – June 2022

Staff Picks! Each month we will have a list of our expert cannabis enthusiast’s favorite products sold here at The Pass. First up, Chris Lynch! Chris is a budtender here at The Pass and a big time cannabis lover. Before we get to his picks, let’s get to know him a bit.

Pride at The Pass: A Budtender Q&A

The piece with The Pass involves a broader scope of our budtenders’ jobs and the importance of making customers feel welcomed at a cannabis dispensary, and EDGE asked a few LGBTQ+ specific questions to some of our budtenders that shed light on the importance of inclusion and representation within the industry. Here’s that conversation:

How to Roll a Joint

Your buds just asked you to roll one up. Your hands begin to sweat, your brain and fingertips are at odds, and you’re terrified that your whole friend group is going to learn you’re the only one that can’t roll!...

Speaker Series Highlight: Experts #1 Advice on Growing!

"The most fun and enjoyable approach is to be free with what you start doing. Be ambitious and don’t worry about it. Be optimistic and see what happens. Things will fail for sure. Your first year growing, you will not get the results you want in some way, but other things will succeed naturally."

The (Pheno) Hunt is On!

Yes, that’s the result of decades of improvements in cannabis plant knowledge along with ease of production in new legal markets, but advancements in cannabis has another main contributor: pheno-hunts. And here at The Pass, we just started a brand new pheno-hunt!

Take a Rip, or Take a Sip?

"There's a certain therapeutic essence that comes along with bong rips. While many perceive it as a basic, regular ritual, to us, it is so much more. The familiar flick of a lighter, the clank of ice cubes sinking into the ice catcher...."

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