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dompen: the all-in-one vape

One of the earliest vape pens to hit the market in 2015, dompen quickly became the vape-of-choice for average daily dosers and famous folks alike (we’re talking Mike Tyson– and Future-level famous).

As a member of the first generation of legal providers in California, they’ve had nearly a decade to perfect their delivery of the ultimate oil experience.  

Incredibly light and elegantly designed, each pen has a sleek metallic finish that feels good in your hand and is downright chic. Honestly, stealth vaping never looked so good. But despite its slender profile, the dompen is incredibly sturdy and sized to discreetly carry in a pocket or purse. Using it is easy and equally discreet thanks to the low odor and ease of operation—no buttons to fuss with—just draw in and enjoy. 

An important recent upgrade to this proven and tested device is a bump from their .5g gram device to a full gram of oil— a nice way to extend your disposable’s life and keep you in good supply for longer.  

As the only distributor of dompen in the great state of Massachusetts, The Pass offers the following oil options, all rich with botanical, fruity terpenes:

California Citrus:  a bright and tangy blend, excellent for daytime use

Pineapple Coast: strong on the tropical vibe with a sweet pineapple flavor and aroma

Midnight Berry: perfect for decompressing at the end of day or going for a full downshift before bed   

And to further ensure the dompen truly delivers a pleasing and memorable experience, dompen hosts the Greenlight Sessions, an online concert series featuring up-and-coming and established musicians from across the musical spectrum to celebrate the relationship of music culture and elevated states of mind. Featuring musical artists Future, Ayotemi, Samyse, and Leo Manzari, it’s the perfect place to find the vibe and tunes to match your head space.

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