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Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Joints are a long-established tradition for cannabis smokers. However, the preparation process can be tedious and an expertly rolled joint is hard to master. Enter: Pre-Rolls—the easiest solution for a perfect joint without the hassle.

Why Pre-Rolls?

For those who prefer to achieve an almost instantaneous, steady, and smooth cannabis high from smoking, joints are an especially attractive—and iconic—form of consumption. But for those who can’t seem to find the time to grind flower, pack a rolling paper, and tightly roll a joint (or lack the necessary skills to do so), pre-rolled joints are especially convenient, easy to use, shareable, and ultimately save time.

Pre-rolled cones are an affordable way for cannabis connoisseurs to try new and different strains of cannabis without committing to a larger purchase. Additionally, pre-rolls purchased from The Pass guarantee total transparency; in other words, our customers know exactly what type of cannabis as well as exactly how much cannabis is contained in our expertly pre-rolled joint packs since we carefully predetermine the volume of cannabis and cannabinoids for easier dosing.

Pre-Rolls Available for Pre-Order

From euphoric strains to melt away tension and stress to focus-inducing strains meant to kickstart a productive day, the best pre-rolls can be found at The Pass. Each of our pre-rolls contain a full gram of cannabis, suitable for both new and experienced cannabis users. The Pass pre-rolls use RAW brand filters, which add a level of structural integrity, keep the joint intact, and allow for the entire joint to be smoked in order to reduce wasted weed.

How to Order Pre-Rolled Joints

Ordering pre-rolls online has never been easier, and now is the time to take advantage of our multi-pack bundle pricing! Simply visit our website, click Shop Now in the upper right corner, and navigate to the pre-rolls category for our full selection. Once you’ve added a few pre-rolls to your cart, complete the pre-order process and receive your estimated pickup time. Our budtenders look forward to seeing you soon!

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