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Cannabis Flower

In today’s age of legalized cannabis, the options found at dispensaries vary widely; from edibles and vaporizers to tinctures and flower — so knowing your preference is key to a satisfying high.

Whether rolled up in a joint, smoked from a bowl, or puffed from a vaporizer, flower is the most traditional and versatile form of cannabis consumption. And with our wide variety of different strains to choose from, The Pass is your new go-to cannabis flower dispensary.

Why Flower?

If you’ve ever sat with a circle of friends and passed a joint around, you already know just how easy and sociable it is. However, if you have yet to partake in the most popular way to experience a cannabis high, keep reading to discover all of the benefits smoking flower has to offer.

Many individuals simply just enjoy the ritual of preparing flower before smoking. Additionally, the effects of flower are felt sooner and last for a shorter period of time, which is especially ideal for those who do not enjoy the more intense, longer high achieved from edibles.

As we’ve already mentioned, flower is incredibly versatile and happens to be the foundation of all cannabis products. With that being said, flower is the most natural and direct form of consumption because you are quite literally smoking the flower of the cannabis plant. Additionally, the wide variety of different strains available can make for a completely different experience and taste each smoke session. Would you prefer a citrusy sativa strain to inspire creativity? Or an indica-dominant hybrid with a complex richness that promotes a soothing and relaxing high? Whatever your end-goal may be, there is a cannabis strain perfect for you.

Types of Flower Available

At the intersection of nature and culture, you will find our innovative strains of flower, both curated and created. We take great pride in our indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. To better serve both new and experienced users alike, the THC percentages vary .

Each flower strain is accompanied by a thorough description of not only the physical look of the flower, but the taste and the effects of the strain as well. And the coolest part? The descriptions give you an almost ‘behind the scenes’ look into the growing process by discussing the crossed variations of different strains to achieve the specific type of flower that you’re adding to your cart. Speaking of which…

How to Order

We’ve made it incredibly easy to pre-order from The Pass! To try our different strains, choose Shop Now from our main page and scroll down to choose the Flower category. After you’ve added Banana Punch or Wifi Sunset to your cart, complete the pre-order process for an estimated pickup time!

If you need any additional help choosing the perfect flower strain for your desired high, visit our location and allow our budtender to assist you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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