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Cannabis Concentrates

A popular form of cannabis consumption, created through a unique process that removes any unnecessary plant matter while maintaining the psychoactive, therapeutic, and aromatic components of the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids and terpenes. The result? A highly concentrated form of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes, aptly named concentrates.

From wax, to sugar, to hash, it can be incredibly easy to find yourself lost in the terminology of cannabis concentrates. However, if you’ve been interested in giving THC extracts a try, keep reading to find out if they are right for you.

Why Cannabis Concentrates

As mentioned, THC concentrates are incredibly potent, especially compared to flower. Typically, flower ranges anywhere from 15% to 25% THC while concentrates range from 50% to 90% THC. With such high potency levels, concentrates are not suggested for beginners or those sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC. For those who can handle the intensity, concentrates are used by dabbing. It is also common practice to boost the effects of flower with concentrates added to a bowl or wrapped around a joint.

Offering more than just a higher potency level, concentrates are felt immediately and last longer. If you’ve been searching for the perfect opportunity to put your new rig to use, we’ve got you covered with our range of different concentrates available at The Pass.

Types of Concentrates Available

While searching through the concentrates section on our website, you’ll come across a variety of types:

Badder Badder is concentrated cannabis that, through whipping techniques, is a smooth, whipped consistency. Badder is similar to budder, but is stickier and thicker. It’s identifiable by its blonde look, often ranging from light yellow to deep gold.
Bubble Hash Bubble Hash is a solventless concentrate made through agitating flower through ice water, breaking down resin glands and separating trichomes which are then filtered through a series of screens. Bubble hash is named for the bubble sound it makes when smoked.
Budder Budder is concentrated cannabis that, through whipping techniques, is a smooth consistency. Because of its malleable consistency, budder is more versatile than other concentrates, allowing you to dab, vape, or apply to joints and bowls.
Crumble Crumble is a dry concentrated cannabis that, as expected, has a very crumbly consistency. This is achieved for an elongated purging process in the vacuum oven at a low temperature.
Rosin Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate, meaning no solvents or chemicals were used to extract compounds, and instead uses heat and pressure to press out the oil.
Sauce Sauce is created through separating terpenes and cannabinoids during extraction, allowing the cannabinoids to crystalize while preserving the high level of terpenes. Its consistency is reminiscent of marmalade with cannabinoid crystals throughout. Sauce produces a highly potent product that is great for those who want to retain the authentic aroma and flavor profile of the plant.
Shatter Shatter is concentrated cannabis in a glass-like texture. It’s consistency is achieved through agitation the flower less through the extraction period, and it produces a highly potent product, popular with dab lovers.
Sugar Sugar, is named for its consistency reminiscent of wet sugar. The semi-crystalline consistency allows it to hold onto its terpene profiles and flavors.
Wax Wax is the most popular concentrate, identifiable by even inexperienced cannabis users. It’s sticky consistency is often used in dab rigs, but can also be added to bowls and joints.

How to Choose Your Concentrate

Choosing your perfect concentrate is a fairly straightforward process. If you have the equipment to properly dab, wax or sugar wax is an excellent option. If you prefer smoking over vaporizing, we suggest bubble hash.

Once you’ve established your ideal consumption method, consult with one of our expert budtenders to determine your ideal THC concentration.

How to Order Cannabis Concentrates

Our cannabis extracts are available for pre-order. To schedule a pickup time, simply choose the Shop Now option on our website, navigate to our Concentrates category, and add a few favorites to your cart. From there, complete the pre-order process for an estimated pickup time. Once you’ve arrived, our budtenders will assist you with your order — we look forward to seeing you soon!

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