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Cannabis Edibles

Throughout history, edibles have been used for purposes ranging from medicinal to recreational, and since the United States began adopting a more relaxed approach to cannabis consumption, ingesting edibles has remained a popular alternative to smoking.

Why Use Edibles?

As an easier and more convenient form of consumption, edibles are ideal for individuals who prefer not to inhale smoke, those in search of a longer high, or those who simply want a tasty treat to relax after a long day. Whatever your circumstances may be, our Massachusetts dispensary’s edibles menu offers precise dosage, ingredients, and product descriptions to help you choose the best option for yourself.

Potency Levels

It’s no secret that different formats offer different experiences. Whether you’d like a gummy for bedtime or you’re interested in giving a microdosed tonic a try, the key to a pleasurable high is knowing your tolerance, choosing the right environment to partake, and most importantly — understanding potency levels. Also keep in mind that a person’s inhalation tolerance is not the same as a edible tolerance. Always start low and go slow, even for a seasoned consumer when trying new products.

A 1mg – 2.5mg dose is mild and typically used by first-timers with a low tolerance, or individuals in search of a microdosed option to treat minor pain or anxiety.

A  2.5mg – 15mg dose clearly covers a wide range of potency levels and is typically suggested for moderately experienced users looking to achieve a heavily relaxed feeling, ideal for sleep.

A 30mg – 50mg dose is ideal for very experienced cannabis users with a high tolerance who may struggle to absorb the entirety of the cannabinoids in edibles. Heavy euphoria and even a confidence boost are commonly associated with this potency level.

A 50mg – 100mg dose is typically ingested by cannabis connoisseurs with an extremely high tolerance.

Since edibles are digested and absorbed by the stomach and liver, they tend to have delayed effects compared to smoking. Effects of edibles are dependent on body weight, regularity of cannabis use, and the type and quantity of food consumed beforehand. To prevent overconsumption, take the recommended dose (if you’re unsure, we recommend discussing dosage with your budtender), and wait 40 minutes-2 hours to fully assess your tolerance before taking more. If you’ve misjudged your tolerance level and find yourself experiencing a “bad high,” drink plenty of water.

Our Edible Options

Keeping true to our brand, we position ourselves at the intersection of nature and culture, meaning that we offer a full range of unique edibles that are carefully curated by our team. For whenever the craving strikes, we have chewy gummies, refreshing mints and sours, satisfying chocolates, and even cannabis-infused drinks.

How to Choose

With so many options, it can be incredibly difficult to choose, especially for first-time users. If you find yourself confused about dosage, lost in concentration levels, or deciding between flavors, ask yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve? Would I like CBD and other cannabinoids to be included? What is my tolerance level?

Many of The Pass-made edibles are reliably pre-dosed at 5mg of THC in a single dose, making it easy to control your intake.

Still not sure? Consult with a budtender at our location or contact us.

How To Order

Ready to order? Simply follow this link to shop, click on our product options to read their full descriptions, choose ADD TO CART, and complete the pre-order process for an easy way to select your new favorite edibles for pickup.

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