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Cannabis Tinctures

Borrowing inspiration from old-school apothecaries and medicinal practices, THC tinctures are the result of using a solvent to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Tinctures are an easy-to-use and potent form of cannabis consumption—basically liquid gold—are they right for you?

Why Cannabis Tinctures?

Another smokeless option for those who simply prefer the edible route, cannabis tinctures are convenient, discreet, and offer a similarly potent experience to edibles without the additional sugar and calories. Unlike edibles, however, the effects of tinctures are believed to be felt quicker when dosed under the tongue.

Since tinctures are consumed using a dropper, dosage is more precise and easily tailored based on your tolerance level. Considering that a single bottle can contain upwards of 300mg of THC, tinctures can be enjoyed over a long period of time, thanks to their long shelf life.

Types of Cannabis Tinctures Available

Tinctures are incredibly versatile. Whether you wish to dose your morning smoothie or unwind before bed, we have you covered here at The Pass.

Our daytime tinctures are meant to inspire creativity, motivation, achievement, and overall happiness. In contrast, our nighttime tinctures will lull you into a state of deep relaxation and joyful euphoria.

How to Choose Your Tinctures

As mentioned, tinctures allow for a higher concentration of THC at a more precise dosage. Our range of tinctures at The Pass contain anywhere from ~300mg to ~550mg of THC in a single bottle.

For new cannabis users or those who have not yet tried tinctures, we suggest starting with a lower concentration and beginning with the recommended dose. While tinctures may kick-in faster than edibles, we still recommend waiting 15-45 minutes  in between incremental doses. You should feel the full effect in about 90 minutes. As a rule of thumb, you can always take more, but you can’t take less.

How to Order

If you’re tempted to try a tincture, we’ve made pre-ordering easy and fast. Simply visit our website and choose Shop Now to view our full pre-order menu. Once you’ve navigated to the tinctures category, you’re free to choose from our range of options. After adding a few bottles to your cart, simply complete the pre-order process for an estimated pickup time. And if you’re not sure what dosage or potency is right for you, our budtenders are here to help you seven days a week. See you soon!

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