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Staff Picks! Mary Cabral – September Picks

Staff Picks is hitting September on a high note, kicking off with Compliance Specialist Mary Cabral! In the early days of The Pass, she worked as a budtender so, if she seems familiar, that’s why. 

Mary has been busy, busy, busy this past year, committing to heaps of work and playing a vital role in opening our newest production facility allowing The Pass to greatly advance our brand. Aside from that huge project, Mary handles the licensing and regulations for everything else we do, making sure we remain compliant. There is a whole lot of nuance behind Massachusetts regulations, and the constantly evolving nature of Mary’s job is what keeps her so invested. 

Outside of The Pass, you can catch Mary on the trails, happily hiking and running around the Berkshire woods. In her downtime, she paints with watercolors and experiments with different forms of art.

When it comes to cannabis, Mary is really keen on getting the tasty stuff, keeping an eye out for the specific terpenes she knows she enjoys. Limonene is a particular favorite for Mary, as it often has the ability to help her feel bubbly and uplifted. But the relaxing effects of her favorite products can’t be understated either. When asked about her preferred experience, Mary is “big on just smoking a joint and relaxing at the end of the day; creative energy is always appreciated since I love to paint.” Overall she’s a “flower kinda gal”, but she had to admit that our gummies and Hint of Mint and Lemon Tinctures are some of her favorites.

It’s not just the personal cannabis experience Mary looks forward to, it’s the culture around it. Cannabis seems to have an innate ability to bond those who are a part of the community, giving a metaphorical “water cooler” to gather round and decompress, get on track, or to simply hang out. She remarks, “There’s a culture of sharing among those who smoke. Passing a joint is probably one of the best ways to bond with someone, especially if you’re in nature.” 

Sure, there are real and present issues the cannabis community faces – from the lasting effects of the war on drugs to the lack of social equity within the growing legal industry. Mary believes these issues are vital to discuss and resolve. But, the product itself is not to blame. Stripping away all these external forces would simply leave a community that loves the way this plant makes them feel and the way it can bring people together. 

All in all, Mary is fully immersed in the cannabis world, ensuring the proper and compliant growth of our brand, partaking in the everlasting lightness of the community, and at the end of the day, looking for a high quality, tasty way to get stoned. 

Check out Mary’s Staff Picks!

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  • Hint of Mint and Lemon Tinctures
  • The Pass Gummies

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