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Staff Picks! Chris Lynch – June 2022

We are rolling out a new monthly tradition here at The Pass – Staff Picks! Each month we will have a list of our expert cannabis enthusiast’s favorite products sold here at The Pass. First up, Chris Lynch! Chris is a budtender here at The Pass and a big time cannabis lover. Before we get to his picks, let’s get to know him a bit.

Outside of work, Chris has been a dirt track race car driver for over 20 years right alongside his dad. He also won the regional finals of Guitar Center’s national “King of Blues” competitions and he’s been on America’s Got Talent several times. Needless to say, Chris spares no moment when he’s away from work. We’re just glad he hasn’t gotten too big for us. 

As far as his involvement at The Pass goes, Chris is fulfilled by his ability to help people with their personal growth through cannabis. With Massachusetts being a newly legal state, people may need a helping hand to get started, and that’s where Chris, along with his colleagues, steps in. Chris describes this fulfillment saying, “To have people say how much you’ve helped them with their personal growth through cannabis is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given… These past 2.5 years in the cannabis industry have been a whirlwind of emotion. From helping cancer patients, to the older folks making their first legal purchase and everything in between. The cannabis industry has truly changed many lives, mine included. I will forever be grateful for that.”

For Chris himself, he looks forward to a fun and uplifting experience that cannabis can provide. He remarks that heavy cannabis consumers can lose some of that laughability and sense of ease that the plant brings, and that he thinks it’s the best experience of cannabis for him. That’s how Chris has come to appreciate different strains and different forms of cannabis to match whatever he is doing, instead of remaining steadfast on only one thing. That is also exactly why Chris recognizes that it’s important to be conscious about where your cannabis comes from, remarking, “Knowing now more than ever about cannabis and the way that it works, people can now target different effects for different situations. When you are buying cannabis off of the black market, you run the risk of not knowing what strain you could be receiving. Also, knowing that the cannabis or cannabis infused product you are getting has been thoroughly vetted for harmful content is huge. To have THC % On your flower and especially milligrams on edibles is critical to having a consistent experience.”

But of course with his vast experience, knowledge, and ability to shape his cannabis consumption to whatever he’s looking to do, Chris narrows down his list through some preference – a fruity, orange profile for sativas and a skunky, earthy profile for indicas. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. 

Check out Chris’s list below and look out next month for a new Staff Picks. 

  • The Pass – Gorilla Dawg Flower
  • The Pass – Knockout Gummies
  • The Pass – Orange Cake Wax
  • The Pass – Lemon Fuel Vapes
  • Howl’s – Daytime or Night-time Tinctures

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