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Fun Facts with @sunnny.daze

Q: “What led you into the cannabis industry?”
A: “I have been a regular cannabis consumer since high school and throughout college, but was always ashamed of it. When I moved out to Colorado, the last industry I expected to get into was the cannabis one! Long story short, I ended up being asked to interview for a job at a cannabis tech start up because they were specifically looking to add more females to their team.”

Q: “What is your preferred method of consumption (flower, concentrates, etc.) and why?”
A: “Flower will always have my heart! It provides the exact type of relief I need as soon as I take one hit. I mostly smoke out of bongs when I’m alone and joints when I’m with friends!”

Q: “What advice would you give someone who is just starting out in the industry regardless of the position they are going into?”
A: “Start networking, even if it’s just on social media! So much of being successful in this industry (or any for that matter!) is creating authentic, personal business relationships, and brands want to work with people who are enjoyable to work with!”

Q: “What’s your favorite thing to do when you get high?”
A: “Cooking is definitely up there on my list! It feels so good to create something from scratch, add a little of your own creativity to it, and then get to enjoy it – and even more rewarding when you’re high!”

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