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Flower Power: Select Reserve highlights the best bud in the state

It kind of goes without saying that here at The Pass, we appreciate good flower. But what probably does need to be said is that we appreciate good flower no matter who grows it. 

Believing that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, we’re excited to collaborate with other flower producers to include their product in Select Reserve, our premium flower line. 

As a premium line, Select Reserve flower is curated for the highest quality, and handled and packaged in a manner that best preserves the integrity of every bud. Packaged in air-tight glass jars here at The Pass with a Boveda humidity pack to preserve pungency and to prevent mold growth and over-drying, our ever-changing Select Reserve line gets the top-shelf treatment it deserves.

In our recent quest for like-minded collaborators, one company that caught our attention and earned our deep respect is Breathe Free

Based in Ware, MA, Breathe Free is focused on one thing and one thing only: growing the best possible flower. 

And, yeah, a lot of grows say that, but Breathe Free takes that commitment to an entirely different level. To begin with, they’re super picky about the plants and strains they grow. Through the practice of pheno-hunting, they’re able to grow cannabis that checks all the boxes in terms of desired qualities.

A bit like ‘designer babies,’ pheno-hunting involves searching for specific qualities in various cultivars and selectively breeding them to yield the desired quality at scale. It’s labor intensive and can take months or even years as plants need to be grown from seed and harvested. That’s followed by drying, curing and testing the bud to determine quality. Not all strains make the cut but those that do are worth the wait. 

Once Breathe Free lands on a strain they like, they go all in on tending to the strain’s offspring.

All their plants are grown in small batches; batches small enough that hand-watering and even hand-trimming makes sense. The goal is to ensure the vitality of each bud and to keep the pungent and potent trichomes intact through harvest. 

As you might expect, small batches mean limited quantities of each strain are available. Currently, Breathe Free is producing several small batches of premium strains at a time and they have mastered the cultivation cycle brilliantly, ensuring that a rotating offering of premium strains and flavors is always available.

As for the inaugural collaboration from The Pass and Breathe Free, we’re happy to introduce this stellar line-up of Select Reserve premium flower.

Oreoz x King Sherb — A product of two very popular heavy indica-leaning strains, this cultivar has a pronounced gassy and spicy aroma. Frosty and sticky, this high-TAC flower earns fans for the calm, happy, relaxed and energetic effects it provides. 

Platinum Kush x King Sherb — The ‘platinum’ in this indica-leaning hybrid is well-deserved thanks to its signature shimmery crystal resin. Appreciated for its potent and sweet nose, the flavor profile is reminiscent of that 90s OG—but with an extra punch. 

The Glove — Purple, frosty, and sweet, The Glove is a Gary Payton X Jealousy hybrid and takes on the best characteristics from both iconic strains. Originally bred by Seed Junky in collaboration with Powerzzzup, The Glove’s flavor palate presents a sweet citrusy lemon inhale and a blueberry-heavy exhale. This indica-leaning flower is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day and only available in a limited quantity.

 Again, Selective Reserve strains will be ever-changing – craft grown and sometimes in collaboration – but always excellent. Click here to see what’s currently available.

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