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Staff Picks! Tim Galpin

Staff Picks! Tim Galpin 

Let’s end the year on a high note! This time around we have Retail Supervisor Tim Galpin at the helm. You may recognize Tim from slinging expert cannabis knowledge over the counter. Known as “T$” to much of the staff, Tim is a passionate, educated, and incredibly personable part of our retail team. That is, of course, when he’s not busting frontside shove its off of ledges at the skate park or indulging himself in art and adventure. 

One of the keys to expanding knowledge about a subject is being infinitely fascinated by it, and Tim is certainly enthusiastic about cannabis. He claims that because research has been so restricted on cannabis, he’s continuing to learn new things about it every day. There’s a seemingly endless fountain of information still coming out about cannabis, and for industry professionals like Tim, it’s the perfect way to constantly reinvigorate his passion for it. 

It’s not only the industry that explores the possibilities and properties of cannabis, it’s consumers too. “The beauty of cannabis is it has something for everyone. I believe anyone can find the experience they’re looking for!” adding, “The best strains in the world are the ones you’ve never heard of before you’ve tried them.” 

While Tim is always down to explore new forms and strains of cannabis, his knowledge and personal use allows him to guide his explorations with informed opinion. Tim is  a fan of any indica heavy strain, especially ones that are earthy and peppery. Myrcene, a common terpene found in that flavor profile, may also benefit high-tolerance tokers out there by often amplifying the high. 

While he has his tastes, a big part of Tim’s personality is constructed through exploration. When asked what he would like to be best at in the world, Tim said he wouldn’t want to be best at anything because he thrives on the thrill of progression. So from his career, to his tastes in cannabis, to pretty much every other aspect of his life, you can trust that Tim’s actions and recommendations are going to come from a basis of learning and experimentation, which from my perspective seems like a pretty thrilling way to lead your life. 

Tim’s Picks:

  • Gorilla Dawg flower
  • Sled Dawg flower
  • Lucky Charms flower
  • WiFi Sunset flower
  • Grape Pie flower
  • Clementine dispos

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