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Munch Local

Here at The Pass we’re all about giving the people what they want. And, because cannabis and the munchies go together like popcorn and salt, or chocolate and pretzels, or … you get the idea … we’ve introduced a Munchie Bar to our retail location in Sheffield, MA.

Stocked with non-infused drinks and snacks from regional producers (and more), the Munchie Bar provides the perfect complement to whatever else you’re consuming. From chips and chocolates to kombucha and granola bars, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving and help us support other small businesses and makers in our community. So, yeah, buying those chips is like doing a really good deed. It’s almost heroic. You’ll probably be exhausted from doing all that good, so make sure you eat a lot.  

Here are a just a few of the products you can use to fuel your efforts:


BOHO Chocolate Bar (70% Dark or 51% Milk)

From our friends at the bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate company in nearby Florence, MA, this organic chocolate is rich and earthy. The mouthfeel is magical and the flavor intoxicating. You’ll fall deeper in love with this BOHO bar with every bite. Plus, this holiday season, we’ll be bringing in BOHO’s Candy Cane flavor to brighten things up a bit.


Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels (NF)

Sweet and salty, crunchy and chocolate-covered, these addictive treats check a LOT of boxes. Made in nearby Vermont, they’re 100% peanut- and tree nut-free. And, for reasons we don’t quite understand, they come in a handy resealable bag.


Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Sun Blossoms (NF)

Nom-nom-nom … these tasty snacks feature creamy sunflower butter centers surrounded by rich, smooth milk chocolate. Super satisfying and wisely packaged just two to a pack, they’ll leave you beaming with satisfaction.




Garuka Bars

Handmade each and every week in Burlington, VT, Garuka Bars are packed with delicious, wholesome ingredients like raw honey, whole peanuts, dried cranberries, and brown rice crisps. The result is a bar that’s actually enjoyable to eat, and still gives you the energy you need to tackle whatever you’re up to. These come in two flavors and our staff is eating them up so get here, quick!


Small Batch Organics Granola Bark (GF)

Prepared in a gluten-free commercial bakery in Manchester, VT, these super-delicious bites are as good for you as they are good-tasting. Made with dark chocolate organic oats, almonds, sprouted quinoa, maple syrup, and dried fruit, every bite is a satisfying combo of flavor and crunch (crunch-crunch-crunch…) For the holidays, we’ll be bringing in Small Batch Peppermint Bark for fans of the candy cane season.


BOLA Granola Bars (GF)

Hey chocolate lovers, you might want to check out these perfect little pick-me-up treats locally made in neighboring Great Barrington, MA. Made with organic bittersweet chocolate and BOLA granola, they’re the perfect combo of amazing flavors and ingredients. They come in three crazy-delicious flavors so try one or try them all!



Popzup Popcorn (GF)


There’s popcorn, and then there’s really freaking good popcorn. Popzup is 100% the latter. Made in small batches in NH from non-GMO kernels popped in small batches, each bag is ready to inhale. Sorry, ready to savor.


Fox Family Chips

Produced by a family of potato farmers in Maine, these crispy chips just hit different. Maybe it’s the real potato flavor that comes through or maybe it’s the fact that they’re cooked in a combination of canola and corn oil. Whatever it is, it makes for a memorable, munchable chip.


Wrap City Potato Chips


Handmade in Londonderry, NH, these addictive kettle chips are the perfect blend of salty and sweet. And there’s no need to feel guilty as you tear into your second (or third) bag as they contain no preservatives, and all the ingredients are simple and easy to pronounce. You can even see the goodness through the tiny window in the bag. Not for long.



Green Bee Soda

Forget big factory sodas. Quench your thirst craving with this small-batch beverage out of Brunswick, ME. Built on the natural sweetness of honey and unadulterated juices that they squeeze on-site, every bottle is packed with real, honest, and refreshing flavor.


Katalyst Kombucha (GF, V)

This ‘booch’ is the bomb. Produced in nearby Greenfield, MA, each bottle begins with fair-trade organic tea, triple-filtered water, and organic cane sugar, which is then fermented, filtered, and bottled on-site for seriously good flavor.


Quivr Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 

A true, cold, nitro beverage made from real plant-based ingredients and nothing else, Quivr is as energizing as it is delicious. Produced in Belchertown, MA, from coffee sourced from family farms and roasted in small batches at the Berkshires’ very own Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, every sip features notes of sweet spice that evolve into deep bittersweet chocolate and roasted nut flavors. You know you want it.


Spindrift Sparkling Water 

Light, bright, and slightly pulpy, Spindrift is America’s first sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit. The brainchild of a Western MA native, Spindrift packs more flavor (and less ingredients you can’t pronounce) than other sparkling waters. Needless to say, cottonmouth can’t compete.

Worms get the munchies, too

Not that we needed science to prove that post-puff munchies are real, but here’s an interesting article about a study done at the University of Oregon. But instead of studying the munchie-marijuana link in people, they studied it in earthworms; earthworms that had been soaked in an endocannabinoid and had to navigate a maze (who knew?) to get to ‘high-reward’ foods.

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