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Trailblazers: Smoke Sustainably, Live Responsibly

As an agricultural business based in the Berkshires, The Pass has a deep and abiding love and concern for the natural world around us. So, when we started contemplating what we could do to protect the planet and the abundant natural resources that help fuel our grows, it didn’t take long to land on the idea of smoking sustainably. What took a little while was figuring out how to bring that concept to life. But here we are, and VERY happy to introduce TrailBlazers.

Essentially a personal-sized pre-roll, TrailBlazers are easy to enjoy and easy on the planet.

Made with sustainably produced hemp-based rolling papers, filters, and tips, TrailBlazers are packed with .35g of pure flower. Sold in sets of five, they’re packaged in a crush-resistant, reusable tin making them super portable and perfectly sized for a quick smoke on the trail or the summit with no messy leftovers.   

But perhaps even more important is the fact that each purchase of TrailBlazers benefits Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC). Committed to protecting and preserving the natural beauty and ecological integrity of the Berkshires, BNRC actively maintains trails throughout the Berkshires so they can be enjoyed by all. As a non-profit, BNRC relies on donations from individuals and community partners, like The Pass, to keep land open and accessible. By contributing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of TrailBlazers, we’re making it easy for everyone to pack light and leave a legacy.

We’ve also encouraged—and made it possible for—our employees to get involved in keeping the Berkshires beautiful. Twice a month, interested employees can take time away from their usual duties to participate in a local trail clean-up effort.

If you’re interested in learning about—or better yet exploring—the trails we’re hands-on working to protect, check out BNRC’s Trail Guide (Spanish version also available). There you’ll find detailed maps, videos, and notes on 16 different year-round trails in the Berkshires. Trails range in length and skill level—from accessible to difficult—and provide different ways to appreciate nature. 

Like BNRC, we encourage you to get out there and blaze your own trail. As always, pack light and leave no trace.

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