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Staff Picks! Maya Albright – November Picks

Staff Picks! Maya Albright – November Picks

During a month most known for its ravenous feast of delicious (and some not-so-delicious) Thanksgiving food, there was only one place we could turn to for Staff Picks – the kitchen! That’s why this month we’re featuring Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) Manager Maya Albright. 

Maya isn’t our MIPs manager by chance – she’s an incredible baker and pastry chef who just so happens to love cannabis. Because Maya has found that intersection of passion and expertise, she’s always looking to innovate and improve both herself and her creations. “I always want to be the best at everything I do! I am constantly trying to improve and become better, and hopefully one day I’ll be one of the best at my craft. It’s what keeps me going,” said Maya. 

At the core of someone’s passion is a deep fascination and curiosity to learn more, and the same can be said for Maya and creating edibles. She was making cannabis treats before stepping foot into an industrial cannabis kitchen, so she’s been able to study and work with the growth of the industry, expanding her creativity as the industry grows around her. “The thing that fascinates me the most about cannabis and edible making is all of the new techniques that have evolved since legalization. As an old-school homemade butter maker, it’s amazing to see the progress that’s been made so far and so fast! Although I’m not sure anything will ever beat good butter!”

Having a base of homemade ‘old school’ edible-making along with new commercial edible creations have allowed Maya to key in on her own preferences. She’s a sucker for myrcene and limonene terpenes which are often present in bright, orangey products. When it really comes down to it she professed, “As a chef, most flavor profiles intrigue me.”

As far as her picks are concerned, Maya loves Purple Haze dispos for their high TAC and the surprisingly super smooth hit upon inhale. Green Crack flower is a must-have for its ability to get her incredibly focused and inspired, which she looks for in a smoke. Lastly, while some may call it biased, she loves all Pass gummies. Not because she loves seeing, “the wave of molten gummy flow” when she gets to make them, but because she wouldn’t be making them if they weren’t an incredibly tasty and satisfying way to consume cannabis. 

Beyond her personal love for cannabis, Maya finds fulfillment in her job through what it provides for other people. “The part I love the most is knowing the edibles we make provide  an alternative to people who might want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, but are hesitant or unable to smoke it.” 

Maya’s passion, skill set, and intuitiveness make her not only a great cannabis chef, but a valuable professional in any workplace. Thank goodness she loves weed!

Maya’s Picks:

  • All Pass Gummies
  • Green Crack Flower
  • Purple Haze Dispos

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