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The newest tincture to hit our menu is all about celebrating rebirth and renewal! Howl’s 2023 Spring Tincture is infused with the sought-after sativa strain Eternal Sunshine, cultivated organically in living soil by Local Roots. Join us at the dispensary this Saturday, April 22nd from 3-6pm as we usher in warmer weather and new beginnings with Howl’s!

The Spring Tincture gave me an uplifting and energetic high. A few drops under the tongue is the perfect way to get my night started.” – Abigail Cusick, Marketing

“Howl’s believes working with cannabis is a collaboration with nature.” Says Howl’s Founder Peter Glantz, “When I tried Eternal Sunshine, it was a boost of uplifting clarity that reflects the energy of Spring.” Experience the uplifting, creative, and clarifying effects of Eternal Sunshine’s unique and diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile, all captured by Howl’s in this limited edition, whole plant tincture. Spring is rising up! Heed her call and flow with the expanding light!

“Howl’s consistently lives up to their standards of making their products simple, pure, and consistent. It’s nice to know that when you use their product, it’s going to reflect the complete profile and effects of the flower. It just made it even more special that the flower used in the Spring Tincture came from our good partners in Local Roots.” – Blake Gurgul, Retail 

To learn more about Howl’s Tinctures, read our conversation with CEO and Founder, Peter Glantz.

All Photos Courtesy of Howl’s

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