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Take A Rip, Or Take A Sip? Smoking Cannabis Flower Vs. Consuming Edibles

There’s a certain therapeutic essence that comes along with bong rips. While many perceive it as a basic, regular ritual, to us, it is so much more.  The familiar flick of a lighter, the clank of ice cubes sinking into the ice catcher. Picking out the juiciest nug in the jar and releasing pungent perfumes with each twist of the grinder—there’s nothing quite like the fresh fragrance of ground cannabis provoking the anticipation of what the first exhale will taste like. The minute motions leading up to the actual first rip, can often become the most tranquil step of the entire process. A sharp inhale rumbles the water within, and collects smoke. With a quick pull, it enters your lungs. You blow out and taste the terpenes, exhaling your tensions.

On the other hand, pre-rolls offer convenience and the sociability of sharing. The intimacy is innate in each inhale, be it solo or with a group of friends. The crinkle and pop of warm cannabis embers emanate into the air with each hit. For novice consumers, pre-rolls are simple to use and generally free from intimidation. For those living an “on-the-go” lifestyle, flower consumption has never been easier—there’s no need for glass and packing! Puffing the pre-roll—prior to lighting it—floods your mouth with fresh, terpene-rich flavors. Whether you prefer a pre-roll, or would rather roll it up yourself, this method remains symbolic of the culture at large.

If bongs and pre-rolls aren’t your style, there’s bowls, bubblers, chillums, and more to explore. Just keep in mind that when water isn’t involved, the hits become harsher—which isn’t always a bad thing. Consuming cannabis flower via combustion—be it in any of the aforementioned ways—typically comes with an immediate intoxicating impact. For this reason, among others, these methods remain popular—each coming with their own perks.

We’ve discussed the rip, but what about the sip? Edibles are an entirely unique experience. From those that are reminiscent of your favorite candy, to various beverages, baked goods, and culinary basics… the sky’s the limit. Of note, when you consume flower via combustion (heat), decarboxylation occurs and activates THCa into THC—giving the user a high. In edibles, the decarboxylation has already been taken care of, allowing you to simply eat and enjoy! It’s important to drink water and wait for the effects to avoid “greening out” (cannabis culture lingo for overindulging). Edibles give your lungs a rest and your taste buds a treat!

Regardless of how you consume, it’s great to really slow the motions and ritualize the processes. Paying attention to the sounds of preparing a bong can enrich the experience. Take in the aroma of fragrant flower post-grind. Notice the ways in which your body naturally relaxes as you roll up a joint. Feel the soft surfaces of your finely crafted edible, and the way it slowly melts into your mouth. Just remember to please consume responsibly. Cheers!

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