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Take 5: Introducing Our New THC 5-Pack Gummies

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Now you don’t. Introducing Take 5 Gummy 5-pack tins! 

There’s a groovy old song by Lovin’ Spoonful called ‘Did you ever have to make up your mind?’ that perfectly captures the challenge of choices. 

You can click here to hear it but the opening lyrics go like this: 

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

You pick up on one and leave the other behind…

It’s not often easy and not often kind…

Did you ever have to make up your mind?


So, yeah. Making choices can be hard; especially when it comes to things you love — like gummies from The Pass. But thanks to our new Take 5 gummy tin collection, you don’t have to decide. 

Previously only available in a 20-count jars, Take 5 gummies now come in convenient 5-pack options. You can try just one 5-pack option or mix ‘n’ match all four delicious Pass flavors, all without filling up too much of your basket allotment.

Take your pick of:

  •     Blueberry Hash Rosin
  •     Cherry Hash Rosin
  •     Knockouts
  •     Sun-Ups

It’s a great way to sample each flavor without committing your dollars or your taste buds to a 20-gummy jar. Plus, your samplings are served up in discreet, durable, and highly portable tins. Tempted? You should be. Especially since all of our gummies are made with all-natural flavoring and colors. 

Here’s a look at what each gummy option delivers:

Blueberry Hash Rosin: Made with pure Pass flower, these full-spectrum bites are packed with fresh blueberry flavor and strain-specific hash rosin, which stimulates your senses with a delicious, full-body and full-spectrum high.  

Cherry Hash Rosin: Made with hash rosin pressed from pure Pass flower, these squares offer a full-spectrum, well-rounded, and elevated hash rosin experience paired with a burst of deep, rich cherry flavor.

Knockouts: Satisfy your sweet and sour cravings (and the need for a bit of sleep) with these super-flavorful fruit punch gummies. Coated in sugar, each yummy gummy contains 5mg of THC and 2mg of melatonin to promote a good night’s rest.  

Sun-Ups: Featuring a bright and tangy strawberry-lemonade taste, these sugar-coated flavor bombs are infused with Vitamins C and D to mimic the restorative powers of the sun as well as 5mg of THC for an enjoyable kick-start (or end) to your day.  

Take 5 gummy tins can be pre-ordered online or purchased in-store. So stop fretting about making up your mind (and busting your allotment) and click here to start mixing and matching Take 5 gummy tins to find your favorite!

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