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Staff Picks! Emilyn Bona – November Picks

Staff Picks is back for the tail end of harvest season. Fittingly, we’re spotlighting Cultivation Associate and Greenhouse Supervisor Emilyn Bona! Emilyn’s passion and connection to plant life can go head-to-head with anybody. Beyond a love of plants, Emilyn loves to explore and learn new things, and meet new people she finds truly fascinating. 

But, let’s talk turkey. If we’re discussing terps, Emilyn gravitates toward caryophyllene and geraniol. She seeks the relaxing, anti-anxiety properties from cannabis, and these two terpenes often help facilitate that, along with a spicy burn from the caryophyllene and floral notes of geraniol. That doesn’t mean she’s never feeling a bright citrusy flavor, so she dabbles with limonene and valencene. Growing and consuming has made her truly appreciate what terps bring to the cannabis plant. “I love them all! I’m a big terpene nerd,” said Emilyn. 

Aside from aroma and taste, Emilyn typically looks to use cannabis to slow down her mind, keeping herself locked in and focused, allowing her to capitalize on bouts of creativity and relaxation. 

A lot of that focus throughout her day is directed right into the plants. For Emilyn, being a plant lover isn’t something that blossomed when the industry started up a few years ago. “I was put on this earth to grow weed. I wasn’t necessarily drawn to the cannabis industry so much as I was called by the cannabis plant. Cannabis saved my life, and now it’s my obligation to grow really good weed and make sure it’s easily accessible for everyone who wants it.” Amen to that. 

Because Emilyn is so keyed in on the process, growth, and results, she has her favorite products figured out already. Hot Rod’s unique terpene profile is what she looks for in a smoke, as it’s known for strong, dense aromas. And, even though she’s typically not reaching for the concentrates, Flo wax has this amazing ability to motivate Emilyn, allowing her to settle into the day’s tasks and be her most productive self. Knockout gummies live up to the name, but the precise balance of THC to melatonin allows her to wake up gently as well. As for the Pass Hint of Mint and Lemon tinctures, they, “Taste just like my grandma’s key lime pie while giving me a pleasant body high without making me feel anxious. It gives my lungs a break, although I will never not love a good old-fashioned toke.”

Ultimately, cannabis and Emilyn are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Not only does she know her stuff, but her disposition makes us lucky to have her growing for the Pass. Emilyn’s explanation for what she wishes she could be the best at perfectly encapsulates why she’s such an important team member for The Pass: “I would like to be the best learner and listener. I want to understand everything academically and emotionally when it is explained to me. I want to be a really good friend.”

Emilyn’s Staff Picks:

  • Hot Rod flower
  • Knockout gummies
  • Flo wax
  • Hint of Mint and Lemon tincture

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