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THC-Infused Mints, Sours, and More

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The next time you’re reaching for a mint to freshen your breath or a piece of candy to satisfy your cravings, why not choose an option with the added benefits of cannabis?

Poppable, practical, and convenient, cannabis mints and sours are a tasty option for dosing THC. These small cannabis sweets have quickly risen in popularity — and for good reason! To discover your new go-to for a pleasant high, keep reading.

Types of Cannabis Treats

From marijuana mints and sours to THC lozenges and chews, we offer a cannabis confection for every occasion.

Mints — Have you ever been told to take a chill pill? Well, now you can! Along with the obvious benefit of fresh breath, THC mints are a convenient and discreet way to experience a high supporting the mind and body.

Sours — A little sweet and a little sour, our cannabis-infused tablets are reminiscent of a childhood favorite. When the candy craving hits, reach for a mouthwatering Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, or Watermelon sour from The Pass.

Lozenges — As your favorite drugstore lozenges are meant for medicinal purposes, THC lozenges are no different — with the added benefits from marijuana, of course. While the natural ingredients from the lozenge soothe the throat, the light cannabis high addresses other sick-day discomforts such as body aches, brain fog, and headaches.

Chews — Another candy-inspired option, cannabis chews are a modern twist on confectionary classics. The cannabis chews available at The Pass are sweet and carefully dosed for a comfortable high from naturally extracted THC and simple ingredients.

Why Choose Sweets?

Similar to other edible options, sweets are a tasty way to consume a typically lower dose of THC while remaining entirely smoke-free. However, unlike other edibles, mints, sours, and lozenges dissolve on the tongue, allowing for quicker THC absorption that is felt in just minutes. As you sink deeper into nostalgia while enjoying one of our cannabis chews inspired by popular sweets, you can rest-assured knowing that each one is carefully pre-dosed for a controlled high, and packaged in a portable, resealable tin.

How to Choose Your Cannabis Sweets

Are you undecided between sour flavors? Unsure about the hype surrounding THC mints? Or maybe you’re trying to decide which type of cannabis chew is best for daytime. Whatever the case may be, narrow down your options based on the THC dosage and concentration.

Most cannabis sweets are microdosed between 2.5mg – 5mg of THC. To complement the THC concentration, some of our options include CBD for additional balance or melatonin as an added sleep aid. If you’re new to the cannabis scene, start with a lower dose to establish your tolerance level and slowly graduate to higher-dose edibles if needed.

How to Order

Looking for THC mints in Massachusetts? Look no further! To pre-order for pickup, simply choose Shop Now, select Edibles, then scroll down to add a few different mints, sours, lozenges, and chews to your cart.

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