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Belushi’s Farm x The Pass: A Premium Cannabis Collab

Singin’ the “Blues” in the Berkshires

Selected as a premier partner to grow exclusive strains here in Massachusetts, The Pass Berkshires has partnered with Belushi’s Farm to create a run of small-batch flower, live hash-rosin vapes, and pre-rolls. 

The Belushi’s Farm x The Pass collab promises high-quality, sustainable cannabis grown, processed, and extracted at The Pass in Sheffield. The initial supply run features Belushi’s Farm strains, which include Apple Tartz, Dread Bread, Mule Fuel, and Cadillac Rainbow. We’ll have it only for a limited time, so keep your eyes on the prize.

Apple Tartz is a gorgeous hybrid strain that crosses Apple Fritter and Runtz. Appreciated for its tart sour apple taste and creamy berry gas, it provides relaxing, euphoric effects for a nice balanced high.

Dread Bread is a hybrid strain made from a genetic cross between Vintage Afghani and Colombian Mangobiche. The dominant terpene of this strain is terpinolene. Dread Bread features an aroma and flavor profile of tree fruit, butter, and sage.

Mule Fuel is a heavily indica-dominant strain produced from a cross between Lurch and GMO Cookies. An ideal choice for people dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, pain, depression, or insomnia, Mule Fuel delivers a super-relaxed and mood-boosting high.

Cadillac Rainbow, a cross between Pure Michigan and Runtz, has a lemon and diesel flavor with hints of cherry and mint. A popular choice for dealing with symptoms of pain, depression, and lack of appetite, this potent flower is both mood-lifting and munchie-inducing. 

Founded in Oregon in 2015 by actor, musician, comedian, and now-legal cannabis farmer Jim Belushi, Belushi’s Farm aims to cultivate premium medical and recreational cannabis. Belushi’s passion for cannabis stems, in part, from a personal desire to share the plant’s healing powers. Belushi says, “I believe so deeply in the spirit and medicine cannabis offers in healing our families, communities, and the world … It brings joy, euphoria, releases endorphins, laughter, and brings peace to relationships.”

The journey to launch Belushi’s Farm in Southern Oregon is the subject of Growing Belushi, a documentary series airing on Discovery. The program follows Belushi and his team of cultivators, business partners, and more as they learn the ins and outs of growing cannabis. From soil health, pruning, and harvesting to curing, plants, taxes, and safety, the show serves up an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of entering the burgeoning industry, all with a healthy dose of fun and humor. 

Photo Courtesy of Growing Belushi

But lest you think it’s all spleef and giggles, Belushi takes growing cannabis as seriously as he takes his acting and music career. The farm produces a range of products, including flower, brick hash, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and pet products. The product line is built around brands including The Blues Brothers, Belushi’s Chasing Magic, Big Sur Holy Weed, Good Ugly Weed, and Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica. The latter is a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known as ‘The Smell of SNL’ in the 70s.

The Pass is excited to work with Belushi’s Farm and uphold their standards and commitment to preserving and producing legacy strains and raising awareness of cannabis’ healing powers. 

We’re excited to partner with Local Roots Cannabis Crafted in Sturbridge and Fitchburg – they will also be carrying the Belushi’s Farm x The Pass Berkshires collab in their stores.

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