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Where does The Pass get its marijuana products from?

The Pass is a vertically integrated dispensary. Moreover, we cultivate, manufacture, package, and sell all of our branded products on site. In addition to this, we also carry an assortment of trusted partner products to curate a wider range of products. Our pre-order menu will specify these partners by name when applicable.

Why visit or purchase from The Pass?

Thank you for considering visiting The Pass and purchasing our products. Please see our full about section to understand our philosophies and methodology and see a complete breakdown of cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale. At large, we are a vertically integrated provider of safe, reliable, and remarkable adult use marijuana experience. We strive to support human consciousness – to inspire, connect, and calm the mind and body - through intelligent consumption of our natural flower, extracted, and infused products.

Are you a registered/licensed dispensary?

Yes. The Pass is a state licensed facility. We hold licenses for Indoor Cultivation, Product Manufacturing, and Retail

Is The Pass medical and/or recreational?

The Pass is a fully-licensed, recreational registered marijuana dispensary. We do not offer medical marijuana at this time.

What is your pricing?

Please see our menu for individual product pricing.

Does The Pass do wholesale for other dispensaries?

Yes. Please see our wholesale inquiry page for further details.

Welcome to The Pass. Are you 21 or over?

We're sorry, you must be at least 21 to visit our site